Saturday, March 22, 2008

TaG - You're It!

Miss Flora of Bone Head Studio fame has tagged me to explain how my blog name came about.
Instead, I'll share how I got my nickname Cookie.
When I first began creating and selling, I belonged to an ebay group that had about 70 members, including Teresa Baker /Dolls of Yore. Now, anyone who has been around T for long knows that she has a way of coming up with a nicname to tag on you without even trying.
One day a lady in the group was talking about how she lived close to a cemetary and how she'd taken photos in a "haunted" house. She explained the photographs were full of orbs and she even posted them to show everyone in the group. One thing led to another and it became quite an excited conversation, what with everyone sharing their experiences on the paranormal and how they either have or would like to go on excursions to find ghosts.
I said to just count on me staying home - there was no way you would find me spending a night alone in a haunted house or catch me out intentionally looking for ghosts. I was a big skirdy cat my whole life, scared of monsters under my bed ... basically a cookie butt about most things that stay in the dark to scare you!
That's all it took for T - she zereod in on that one immediately and I've been known as Cookie ever since!


Karen said...

Love your story, Cookie and LOVE your blog!! Karen

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

OOOOOOLove it Love it!!!! You n me are in the same cookie Cookie!!! Just ive me a glass of milk and my cookies and let every one else go creepy things that go bump in the night hunting!!!!
Your the bestest!!!

~Tonya said...

So that is how you got the name of COOKIE! I would not want to stay in a haunted house either...

I hope you and your family had a Blessed Easter.


Karen said...

Cookie! I just checked out your former blog! Read the meaning of 'Karen' that has me pegged, too! Crack me up! Loved it! ;0)Karen

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!! Tee hee hee!! Love it!! See I thought it was cause you were so sweet!! *grin*


Florrie said...

My grandson makes a face just like the picture on your post. it made me laugh, practically out loud, have to quiet though 5.26 am!

Suzanne said...

So your full nickname is Cookie Butt? :) Cute!

Anonymous said...