Sunday, March 9, 2008


I've had the best weekend! With Friday off from my 9-5, I've been able to spend time sewing & creating, I watched a few movies & even spent time antiquing with my girlfriends!
Last night, we sat down to watch "Into the Wild" - a movie by Sean Penn. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I'd heard good things about it and thought it might have alot of great scenery shots.
What I found was an awesome movie about feelings, emotions and forgiveness. It was absolutely incredible - one of those movies that you are still thinking about the next morning when you wake.
Today my Pastor was teaching about forgiveness in John 20 - and to some extent, I could see this lining up with what has been heavy on my heart since I finished the movie. This was a true story about how Chris McCandless aka "Alex Supertramp" gave up everything to try and escape the scars that affected him so deeply from years of a dysfunctional family filled with abuse. The thing was ... I really liked this kid - ALOT. He was sensitive, caring and very intelligent. Everyone he came in contact with was deeply touched by him - to the point that they never wanted to say goodbye. And every person he came in contact with gave him the same message - Forgive your Parents - and make contact with them. One of the last messages Chris scrawled in his notebook was this: "Happiness is not real unless it is shared"... how true!
I don't want to give away too much of the movie, but I will say this - RENT IT! It left a lasting impression on me, so much that I'm going to watch it again tonight.
If nothing else, it's worth popping into the dvd player just to hear the sound track - which any Eddie Vedder fan will agree, is INCREDIBLE :)


tattered 'n torn prims said...

You should do a monthly movie truly give an insight to the movie...making me want to see it...and yet you don't give it away!!! Is that your profession? Are you Siskel or Ebert? LOL!! Truthfully...I appreciate your recommendations!!

kat449 said...

OOOOh I cant wait, even before your talented and inspiring review, Id heard wonderful things about this movie. So happy you enjoyed it.
How have you been Miss Cookie? I miss ya. I just love having ya be my new buddy. I feel so spoilt!!!between you and energy meter is just...well all over the dang place. its hard keepin up w/ the 2 of ya!!!! but Ill die tryin...hugs, Kat

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

What a great review you did, Cookie!! I have not seen the movie, but it is on my list!! I did read the book many years ago when it was first published, and have read it several times. Being from Alaska, it is extra special to me, and I know right where he spent his days. I will be buying the movie, I believe, after reading your rave review!! Thanks, Cookie!! Hugs, Trudy