Friday, March 14, 2008


Here's an update
Today was the big shoot out - and my boss made 3 of the 4 shots, for a grand total of $49,500!! Not bad for 15 seconds of fame, eh?

The BIG 12 is here!

This might be what some of you have been waiting for all season - I know alot of folks that get big-time excited over it. Personally, I've never been much into college or pro basketball - it's just not my thing - but I know it's good business for Kansas City. We hosted it for many years but lost it till the Sprint Arena was built (my hubs spent many hours there building it). Now it's bigger, brighter and more beautiful than ever!
So... back to my story - we get called into a sales meeting yesterday and my boss starts talking about basketball. Now, I know he is a huge fan and thought it was "filler" talk until one of the managers arrived. Apparently there was a nationwide contest hosted by Phillips 66 where they would draw one name from entries across the nation - and this one person gets to stand at the freethrow line and shoot 4 baskets, winning money for each shot made. And as he is talking about this, I can see he is getting more and more excited, which is making us excited (you know, it's like laugher, it's contagious!) He stops right in his tracks, looks directly at us and quietly utters:


whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I'm sitting with a celebrity lol! I asked if he has been practicing? Oh yeah he says, I've shot about 2000 baskets so far!! I can't say that I blame him a bit either. It's going down Saturday afternoon between the first and second game - so if you happen to have the TV on and you see a tall lanky guy shooting hoops for $16,500 each, that's my boss! I told him to make sure and give a wave to us! :)


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hopefully I can tune in and watch it!!
By the way, hop on over to my blog... :> )

Dixie Redmond said...

How cool is that?

Suzanne said...

Wow, that is really neat! Hope you have a great weekend!

Nina Mason said...

You go girl! You inspire me, Cookie, so I'm giving you the "You Make My Day" award. To collect your award, go to my blog at!


Marilyn said...

I actually saw this! Hubby is a huge KU fan and was settling in to watch the game. How exciting...and your boss really made it look easy!

~Tonya said...

How AMAZING would that be. I have never heard of that before...I live a sheltered life.

I am still going WOW.

Have a great day!

Lana said...

Whoo-hoo Cookie! And since he hit 3 out of 4... isn't it time for a big bonus???