Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does that come with BBQ sauce?

I couldn't love my nephew Darby and his wife Cheyenne more if they were our own children. They live about 50 miles north of us, but we always make it a point to spend at least one day together each month. These two are busy - they both work full time jobs, Darb for the school system and Chey as a special events coordinator at her church. Now, as a past church secretary, I realize that the title doesn't spare you from being the "go to girl" for anything that comes up. In addition, they are both involved with community arts ... Chey, in musicals and Darb in plays. And I'm here to tell you, the kid's stinkin' funny!
Anyway, hubs and I have always been close to Darb as he grew up. Everytime his folks would bring him down for the day, we would make sure to go to a restaurant that catered to his taste buds ... which meant Corn Dogs, Nachos and Ice Cream with carmel and sprinkles. Beyond those 3 food choices, you were pretty much out of luck unless you toss in some Barbeque sauce. The lure of a Condiment could *maybe* get him to try something new.
But since they've been married, Cheyenne has really gotten Darby to step out of the food-box and try new things! (It's nothing short of a miracle I tell ya.) So anyway - this leads me to our upcoming visit. Normally we try new restaurants when we get together, but we decided to have a fish fry instead. Hubs got some spoonbill from a fella he works with and Darby and Chey seem anxious to try it. Yesterday, I was working away and got an email from Darb asking what movies we are going to watch and what else I'm gonna fix to eat - now this is normal routine for us about 2 weeks out. We plan the movies, the things we are going to do that day and decide on the menu since food is an important part of our "day" together! :)
I told him I would fry up some potatoes to go with the fish and asked if he liked cole slaw (although I already knew the answer). Nope, can't do cole slaw - how bout bbq beans? Well, I dont mind fixing anything they want...
But the next question he emailed kinda threw me for a loop. He wanted to know what I usually fix to go with fish? I said I would make tarter sauce. Well, he doesnt do the tar-tar thing, so then he wanted to know if it's ok to dip his fish in BBQ Sauce?? oh heck yeah, bring on the sauce! Dont ever change Darb!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Holy smokes, BBQ sauce on fish?!! Well, folks like cocktail sauce with their fish so its not too far off, I guess!!
Tell him to bring a roll of Tums just in case.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

BBQ on fish huh....now that's interesting!! Sounds like you are a wonderful aunt!! Have a wonderful time...and let us know how that combo is!~!!!

kat449 said...

What a sweet Auntie you are...Im with your neph...nuttin like sweet baby rays bbq sauce...I put it on EVERYTHING!!!!!
What a cutie couple they are...Blessings are flowing huh Cookie? Hugs, Kat

sa said...