Friday, March 7, 2008


I took the day off from the office, woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of joe and popped in a movie to get the day started.

I chose Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and I have to say right here and now, I L♥ved It!

What a wonderful movie - what a sweet sweet story to get lost in. It's hard to find wholesome movies without underlying motives - and this is all about believing.
Too many adults have forgotten how to play, dream, and believe - and maybe this is just the ticket to help you find your way back to that stage of your life when you always saw the world through rose colored shades and the glass was always have FULL!

♥ I wholeheartedly recommend it ♥

~ As a postscript, I just want to add that the sockmonkey is precious and for some reason, made me think of my Buttonhead Joee!


Suzanne said...

My son just got this movie from Netflix...can't wait to watch it with him this weekend!

Michelle Sylvia said...

I need to get that movie tonight!!! Thanks Cookie!


~Tonya said...

It is a SWEET movie. I posted about that movie on my blog, when my kids and I saw have to BELIEVE.

And look at all that snow above. YUCK. We had -9 this morning. Way too cold.