Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Squares are Rolling In !

"THE PINK ARTIST" was the brain child of Monica Magness who challenged the community of artists to join together to create an art doll to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
When this sweet doll is completed, it will be mailed in to Art Doll Quarterly™ before finally being auctioned off on eBay at a later date.
Monica put out a challenge to artists in every walk of medium, asking if any would like to participate in creating 2" x 2" squares of material, decorated any way they choose. The only stipulation was that the art had to have a material backing.
You see, she has created a doll and will use the squares to design a dress and quilt to accompany her.
The deadline for mailing was March 1st and as you can see by checking out the Pink Artist blog, the squares are arriving by the truckload! It's so exciting to be a part of all this and I once again just want to thank Monica for allowing me to participate, meager as my offerings were.
Please take some time to check out all of the beautiful squares - and stay tuned for details on how to win this wonderful collaboration!



BirchBerry Farms said...

Ya know Cookie---that is really a cool deal what you guys have done---I applaud you all, what a fantastic thing!----

THEN ya know what else I was thinking---kinda loaded question I know, but what I was thinking was, if you were thinking about getting the Cross Bones---perhaps you should call Mr. Harley himself and see about getting that painted a lovely pink---now that would be COOL! and then you could swing North and pick up your friend Renee and we could take 'er out and open 'er up and see what she's GOT! Just a thought!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Good for you....good for her...and great for the charity!! BTW....peeps are best when microwaved!!! LOL!!

Marilyn said...

I saw your squares on Monica's blog and they're beautiful! Love the colors and your painted faces are always so full of life...great work!