Monday, August 30, 2010

Presenting .... Uncle Riggie

Riggie Mortis is my latest creation and will be making an appearance on the TDIPT Mercantile Tuesday night. It's been a good long while since I sewed anything, but he sure was a fun fella to create!
Fall is in the air - and I always get excited when I think about being able to decorate for Halloween!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Further Adventures of Darrell and Cookie ♥

As promised, and tardy as usual, I have returned to show you a bit more of our recent summer 2010 trip. We passed through St. Louis mid morning and avoided much of the rush hour traffic. It can get a bit crazy there at times, so we were glad to wave goodbye and travel on toward Paducah, KY.
Just a fun trucker we passed along the way.... I was looking for a spigot to tap as we passed his truck :)

We stopped in Paducah to meet a brother in Bikers for Christ. Ric Bond is the Elder for the Paducah chapter and it was great to meet him and spend some time in fellowship.

This was a stop along the way in North Carolina, which is a gorgeous state I could easily go back and visit longer.

the Tennessee skies were giving us a grand show!

Made it to Tennessee for a family reunion and
was greeted by some long lost friends.

the Wilson cousin reunion was a great day together and
Patti put on a delicious spread for all!

Later in the week, we took a trip to Chattanooga.
I love downtown Chattanooga and would love to spend more time there,
scouting around and taking pictures.
It's gorgeous - and we had so much fun at the
city market on Sunday morning.

Just a lil warm when we came out to the bikes to leave...
talk about feeling like a baked potato :)

We stopped at one of Larry and Patti's favorite restaurants right on the river - the food was great and they had an awesome deck right over the water. Loved it!!

Chattanooga is so pretty....

The next day, we ventured over to Pigeon Forge to meet up with some very dear sisters from my TDIPT group. I love these girls and look forward to our little reunion each year - (l to r) Jan Davis of Big Brown Dog Primitives, yours truly in the center and Starla Myers of Briar Rabbit Prims.

Jan gave me a wonderful pocket garland, which I immediately turned into a delicious prim accessory! haha... it's now hanging in my front room filled with Sweet Annie - and I love it!

Starla sells her wonderful wares at Rebecca's -
a fantastic prim shop in Pigeon Forge.
I loved it there and had so much fun shopping and visiting.
Come to find out, Rebecca lived close to me and
still has kin in my own neighborhood - she still visits here every year!
... small world!

who's in the doghouse? He looks quite content....

Rebecca made this sign, which we all thought was so cute....
we had a great day together, visiting and getting to know each other
even better.
I hated to say goodbye to my friends, but we had to hit the road.

On our next telling adventure,
I'll show you some of my favorites homes and farms along the way...
there is nothing better than seeing the country on the back of a motorcycle!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The whirlwind tour, 2010

Hubs and I just got home from a 2 week vacation, traveling through 7 states - meeting so many great folks and seeing some wonderful spots along the way.
I'll be sharing some pictures with you of our grand time
over the course of the next few days.
The first stop took us to Greenville, SC to visit a girl who I consider to be as close to my daughter. Michelle and I met when she was 11 years old - and we formed an instant bond. That bond is even stronger today, and she is now married with a baby of her own.
This is the home of Ross and Michelle, with their baby daughter Ella and other "baby", Gus.

Here are a few shots of their beautiful home ...
I couldn't pick my favorite spot if I tried!

Ross is a very talented and gifted artist and their home is adorned
with many of his works. It's amazing!

Sweet Ella and me - taken through a mirror by hubs ♥

On Thursday morning, Ross and Michelle took us to the Coffee Underground - after having breakfast there, I can see why this is one of their favorite hangouts!

This was in the ladies powder room at the Coffee Underground... just had to get a picture of the artisan's metal works!

Downtown Greenville, SC ... loved it! I must return soon :)

On main street in Greenville - there is a story about the Mice on Main... they are hidden all along the street and you must try to find them!

From downtown Greenville, we headed over to the zoo - and hitched a ride on the bear.

We only had 1 1/2 days with our dear sweet adopted family - and I do hope we get to return next summer for a longer visit. One day just isn't enough!