Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a Happy Kitchen!

Just about every Friday morning from the 5th floor of our office building, you can catch the awesome aroma's coming from the kitchen of cooking bacon, eggs and hash browns. And this morning was no exception. It ends up being such a fun time when the girls gather in the kitchen, slicing and dicing and fixing up some good eats!

We always take turns cooking and helping - and since I organized the social this week, I was in the middle of commotion - rattling pots and pans.

Somehow (and dont ask where it came from...) this song got stuck in my head! As I started singing, the girls around me started doo-dee-doo'ing it cuz none of us knew the words. None of us, that is, except Lisa who DID know that part of the words to the song went something like "a little bit of Tina something something something..."

And being the kind and generous person I am, I figured it was only fair to share it with you and let you sing along too!

Happy WooHoo 1/2-day Friday, Friends ♥

(Cookie would like to thank the happy camper who posted this picture on the internet so I could snag it. I dunno who you are, but that is mighty fine sausage!)

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Janelle said...

Well I know what song you're talkin about, but I don't know the name of it, OR the