Tuesday, October 7, 2008

do nothing ♥ and ♥ nothing will change

Anyone who knows me, knows my stand on abortion. It's one of the few topics that will allow you a visible reaction in my attention...

And as excited I was this weekend, knowing that my nephew Darby and his wife, Cheyenne were coming down.... I was even more focused from the minute they walked into the house last Saturday and Darb was wearing this T-Shirt:

I had to know more and immediately asked about it! Chey jumped on the computer and took me to a site that is busting at the seams about the whole abortion issue and the effects it is having on us. If you feel the same as I do about the plight of the unborn, I urge you to check out ABORT73.COM - and share the site with your kids, your friends and everyone you can think of!

ABORT73.com has so much deep and detailed information - and they have some pretty awesome t's to wear your belief boldly. Thanks to Darb and Chey, I can share this with you and others. ..

I urge you .... check it out: ABORT73.COM and educate yourself on the facts!


Tina said...

I'm with you and more importantly with the unborn on this issue. I'll be checking out this site.
Thanks for the heads up.
BTW what a cute couple.

whitey said...

Wow is all I can say after looking at this site, how any one can say life begins at birth with the first breath is beyond me.I wonder at times, the potential of those souls which one could have been the doctor who discovered the cure for cancer, we will never know.

Janelle said...

I'm with ya on this one Cookie!
Thanks for sharing that link..


Lana said...

Thanks for the link Cookie.

Ditto on the cute couple!