Thursday, October 9, 2008

Does anyone have a piece of electrical tape?

Many years ago, my brother offered to pick me up from work when I was "wheel-less". To thank him, I was going to offer some gas money and looked over his shoulder to see what the gauge registered. My eyes were immediately focused on a piece of black electrical tape covering something that looked to be glowing underneath.
Curiosity got the best of me, and I asked him what was up with the piece of tape?? His response (and I'm sure this made total sense to him) was that the engine light wouldn't go off, so he decided to cover it up so he wouldn't keep worrying about it!
Really, does that work? I responded.
Well, that was a long time ago and I totally forgot about that piece of tape until this morning while watching the local news. I heard that our legendary National Debt Clock in New York City has run out of digits to record the growing debt!
The Times Square ticker needs two additional digits to track a national debt 100 times larger than the current $10.2 trillion. Updates will be made next year, adding more room for digits but for now, the digital dollar sign on the billboard-style clock has been switched to a number one - the "1" in $10 trillion.
So of course, I'm wondering.... does anyone have any electrical tape???

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Goob, I wonder if we can use that electrical tape on both candidates mouths to keep them from talking out of both sides of it. What a mess! BOTH parties are at fault. Now we are circling the bowl, headin' right down the crapper. :> (
So we must continue to pray for a miracle.