Friday, June 6, 2008

~ What Phenomenal Photography ~

Last Tuesday, lightning struck a tanker filled with 2 million gallons of unleaded fuel, igniting it instantly. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported, but with the current price of gas, it was a helpless feeling watching that fire take more than 3 days to burn itself out. (more of the story) This photo was sent to me last night and I thought it was just too amazing not to share!


Tina said...

Hi, I stop by occassionally and enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creations.
I always seem to stumble upon you as I'm blog hopping and found you today through the giveaway post sooo I'm just going to put a link on my blog to yours and be done with it.
Always a pleasure

Cookie said...

Gas prices eekkk! HIGHWAY robbery I tell ya! Now, THAT is a huge waste. They might as well light all our money on fire and dance around it! Darn mother-nature! What was she thinking!

Moon Maiden Soapworks said...

Woo hoo ... what a SHOW!!! We had lightening strik an oil tanker here just two days ago, too.

Hey lady ... you gotta stop by my blog ... I'm posting something in just a minute ... I think you'll L-I-K-E!!! *very big grin*


kat449 said...

Wow what a show. I know the blessing is that there were no injuries, and thats what Im gonna obsess on, not the wasted gas I sat there thinking about. Walk toward the light Kat...dont look back!
Well arent you a luck Cookie winning yet another giveaway! That just plum made my day. Cant think but a couple of others so very of the others! tee hee, enjoy em all....hugs, Kat

kat449 said...

Its me again..the blog stalker!!!! Cookie, you are gonna just LOVE Tina... (shes a dear friend I brag about all the time) not just her amazing and inspiring work, but she has such a delightful and beautiful spirit....hmmm just like someone else I know!!!!ya buddy that would be you...Im really leaving now for real! BYYYEEEE Kat