Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Karen DeGreve... Come On Down!

Now I know what all those screaming people are feeling when they hear the announcer on "The Price Is Right" saying COME ON DOWN!! I thought I was going to have kittens right on the spot... seriously!

My sweet friend Kat of Katerpillars No More sent me an email saying that my name had been drawn as a winner of one of her many adorable gifts she was giving away.
I was so excited but wanted to wait and be able to post pictures of the lil sweet-sweet when I made the announcement on my blog. So, after a long and grueling day at the office, I came home to see this package on the kitchen bar! CHA - CHING - immediate smile when I see it's from Miss Kat. She sent me some of the cutest things but I just fell in love with my angel. This is her taking a lil gander outside, but trust me - she wont be spending much time outside! I've already found the perfect place for her above my computer, and will post a pic later tonight.

Thank you Kat - you are the sweetest !


kat449 said...

Thank you Cookie...She does look very regal with her new position as "keeper of the Posies" in your awesome garden. I just hope she doesnt scare the mockingbirdies away!!!!
Who???? would have ever thought we would end up being so neurotic and blessed at the same time worrying about our birdie and squirrel residents? Does this mean were old??????????? BBBAUUUGH!!!We just sadly woke up yesterday morn, and realized our blue jay Mama, Daddy and 3 beautiful babies flew the coop and we didnt even get to say goodbye or thank them for the joy they brought to us...oh well such as life...So excited you truley like your goodies. Hugs, Kat woman

BittersweetPunkin said...

Isn't Kat the sweetest?