Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honor Among Knuckleheads

There is an unspoken code of honor among motorcycle riders - WAVING!
But it's not the madly flailing arm over your head kind of thing... but rather, a smoooooth "from the hip" type of salutation to others sporting 2 wheels. And it's not limited to makes of bikes sticking together like the HD to HD formula. We wave to everyone on the street and have found that it doesn't matter if you are on a crotch rocket, HD, Honda or any other type and style of bike... Bikers pretty much stick together on this and it's a beautiful thing.

Well... my Chey just gave me the lowdown on a similar code for Bug owners! We both are das bug-lovers, she has an awesome green one and I have a silver one. And this is what Chey spilled today:
If you drive a beetle you have to wave at other beetles passing by. And if it is the same color beetle, you have to let all inhibitions go and wave like you have never waved before. I hope by passing on this lil tidbit of info, it helps enlighten all of you other Bug owners out there!

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Cookie said...

Yes, I do the same with my classic car!