Monday, June 2, 2008

~Best Daddy and Cutest Baby Contest~

I got an email this morning talking about a contest that my George Wayne and Eliza have been entered in on Parents.Com by mama.
Some of you have heard about Georgie - he grew up next door to us and from the moment he moved into our neighborhood, he moved into our hearts and became the son my hubs and I never had. He lived at our home more than his own - going home long enough to check in and eat - and then skipping out the back door to come over and eat again at our house and hang out all day and night.
George has the BEST laugh - and it's easy for him to break out in one and get me laughing too! He will always be like our son and you can imagine my relief when he was delivered home safely in God's hands after his first and second tour of Iraq. But a little over a month ago, we learned he is going back a 3rd time - and will be right in the middle of the mess, taking up the cross and standing tall as chaplains assistant. The photo above was taken on the day he was leaving for his tour.
I wasn't there... we had come back home and this was a time for him and his wife and baby to say goodbyes. Not an easy task - no matter how you slice it.
But I know God is faithful and I believe He has a reason for sending George back over ... and I trust He will deliver him back home in 400 days safe and sound and ready & raring to erase every trace of the absent times with his family.


plain*worker*primitives said...

Cookie, you must be so proud of him~ I will keep him, his wife and his daughter in my prayers. They are beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them.


kat449 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us. They are all beautiful. I just love the picture of all of you. You are so beautiful. The light of God just surrounds both you and your husband. It would be a privilidge to pray for one of Americas many sons. I claim safety for this child of God right now, thank you again Cookie. Big weepy hugs, Kat

softinthehead said...

Ah Cook what wonderful pics! My heart froze when I heard he was going back to Iraq but I realized he will be armed with the best weapon of all, FAITH! Pam

Pond Creek Primitives said...

We have an "adopted" son we half raised (my son's best friend) that just got deployed to Iraq last week .... my brother-in-law just got sent back to Iraq for his 2nd tour of duty 3 weeks ago .... I pray for all of our troops serving wherever they are daily ... but I will add your "son", Cookie, to my list of "extra special, extra fervent, extra BIG prayer" list, that now numbers 3 troops!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks for sharin' this with us Goob. I know the Lord will watch over him and bring him home safe and sound.
That last pic made me well up. Such a precious photo!