Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~ Bird on a Wire ~

Last Friday, I got home from work to see that my hubs had trimmed up my lilac trees. They looked great, so I was more than a little puzzled why he was obviously upset. Apparently, there was a nest with 2 Mockingbird babies in one of the Lilac Trees and he unknowingly jostled the nest and the babies fell out. Once he told me about it, I found them hiding for safety in the shade and it was then, I realized there were several adults flying and divebombing all around where the nest was - they were seriously distraught!
I went into the house and put on a pair of gloves and came out to rescue them and make everything right again. I managed to gently pick them up and set them back in the nest and as I walked away, feeling quite accomplished, hubs stops me in my tracks with "THEY JUST JUMPED OUT AGAIN!!"
What??? Are they crazy psycho birds? I had just tucked them back in bed but they had tasted sweet freedom and now wanted no part of that crib! I tried to get them back in the nest again, but they weren't having any part of it.
I know the course of nature has to run it's course but I sure didnt want anything to happen to the babies. (I remember seeing another nest last year and there was a hawk keeping a very close eye on the babies, so I was really worried about these lil guys.) I searched all over but couldn't find them - and to tell you the truth, I have no idea what I would have done with them if I did find them. I resigned myself to the fact that mother was watching out for them and went to work putting in bedding plants and spreading mulch in the garden, all the while being scolded and heckled by Mother and 4 or 5 of her Mockingbird family. And then I turned on the sprinkler and what came scurrying out behind the tall flowers but one of the babies that had been hiding out. When he spotted me, he went running off wings flapping and little legs running through the tall grass.
Hallelujah!! He was scared, but he looked healthy for a lil sprite - and hid out between the posts in the fence! As I went to sleep that night, I heard the adults still out in the back crying out warnings to anyone who dared come close to the babies.
Well, the weekend played out and the adults have been monitoring the backyard like they own it and I just assumed they still have kin hunkered down but today I went out to take some photos and guess who should peek his lil head up? Can you see him? Yup... baby is getting bigger and looks stronger to me. I hope they are both safe and well out in the safety of the tall flowers - oh, and my new flowers? I planted one named "Jerry Garcia" and I saw blooms already today - the way I figure it, anything named after that guy has to be awesome!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

oh, how precious is that!

Cookie, you're so darn nurturing, you should of had 10 kids of your own!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh..what a sweet post! I know exactly how you feel...we have a type of bird here that builds its nest on the ground...why...I dunno...between the cats and the naughty neighborhood kids I always want to pick the nest up and put it in a tree. Love the photos...hope the lil Bird is okay!

Sunshine said...

I looooove it! We have this kind of stuff happen all the time!

They are soooooo cute...and terrified! :)