Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend!

My husband has spent the last year organizing a Kansas City Chapter Bikers For Christ conference. With the help of a few close friends, every single aspect of this conference was scrutinized, chewed on and most importantly prayed over - and it was very evident because the weekend couldn't have been more blessed!

Originally slated as a weekend long event, on Friday afternoon it started raining - and not just a lovely spring shower but a Monsoon that brought 2" of rain per hour to the Kansas City area. We had folks riding in from all over the state and worried about them until we knew they were safe and sound.

Special speakers included Bill Bonham, an ex-Outlaw motorcycle club enforcer who was pulled out of that lifestyle by God to do more important work for Him! What a testimony he had to share too! Bill has been involved in prison ministries since his conversion and traveled several times 3rd world countries on missions trips.

Our Pastor, Tim Juhnke also brought a message that God laid on his heart about drifting away from what we should be focused on - and I think he was speaking directly to me, because it just what I needed to hear!

Lastly, our dear friends Frank and Marie Drown - retired missionaries from Ecuador shared some of their experiences of working with the Headhunter Auca Indians and more to the point, how God used him to build a hydro-electric plant to supply power to send the Gospel out to the remote parts of the country.

My dear hubs always tries to get Frank and Marie to take a little spin on the back of his bike, but he hasn't succeeded yet. Darrell is convinced that all it would take is one short ride around the block to light the fire and spark a love for motorcycles. Frank and Marie just smile and nod - and we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their heels are dug in on this ever happening. :)

Saturday night, we took a long ride around the city - giving our guests a tour of our fine town. We ended up at one of the BBQ restaurants (since KC is known for it's barbecue) and what do you know, we had a birthday celebration! Ole Will is a character ... and we always have such fun with him so in honor of his birthday, he got a big ole plate of sliced onions. (There's a funny story that goes along with that, but that's for another day!)

Happy Birthday Will ♥


Carol Roll said...

Frank and Marie are so sweet! They sure have done and seen so much.
Your ride was worth all the hard work!
Ok what about the onions!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wahoo! That looks like it was a fun time and SUCH a wonderful cause for sure.

Big Hugs! :) :)

kat449 said...

Hey Cookie....
What a fab weekend this must have been...please insert heavy envy LOL. Is it possible that youre hubs could get ANY cuter? Ohhh that aura of Christ that just surrounds both of you...more envy! I know, Im workin on it sister!
Love ya Cooks...Oh and Tuck is quite the match for his new Mommy isnt he? ((Kat))

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Cookie sounds like the rain didn`t spoil the weekend! How wonderful to have so many involved!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awww man Goob, it looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! :> )

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Cookie..

Even though it looks like a fun time was had by all !

It's folks like you who make the world a better place !


Tina said...

Wow, how Awesome you are God!!

This was a blessing to read and its so wonderful to be connected with people who have their toes pointed toward the cross and are walking with a purpose.

Thanks for sharing this