Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tennessee or Bust

Yup.... the bike is packed up, the cats are being cared for and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

Our vakay has officially begun. We will take out early Friday morning, heading to Tennessee to meet a long lost relative. That is pretty exciting in itself, but the icing on the cake is that I get to meet up with a couple of my TDIPT sisters in Pigeon Forge on Wednesday! I think I'm more excited than anything to finally get to hug and laugh and get to know Starla of Briar Rabbit Primitives and Jan of One Brown Dog Primitives in person!
And I think it's a pretty safe bet that you will be seeing plenty of pictures too so you can share in our excitement.

Happy Trails ♥


Tina said...

Oh sounds so fun! Love that area. Have fun meeting your friends and having recently been reconnected with long lost relatives, I gotta tell ya, the anticipation of seeing them face to face one day, is exciting.

Enjoy and be safe

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


May you have a safe trip ! Don't you just love the word *vacation* ?
Tennessee is a beautiful state !

Jan, Starla and you will have a blast !


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Cookie how exciting is that!! Enjoy your time and have a safe trip :)


Bittersweet Pastimes said...

Hey Sweet Cookie!!! I hope you and hubby have a safe and wonderful trip! Can't wait to see all of your pics.


Prim's by Kim said...

What a great pic!! I miss our Harley. We shall have another once the youn'en is a bit bigger =D

kat449 said...

OOOHHH what an adoreable couple you are!
Be so safe please riding....and why dont ya spin that old scoot around and stop by Kat and Ronnies???? LOL I can wish cant I?
Cant wait to see more pics..enjoy what you both work so hard for and deserve so much....
God be with you on the road.
Love ya, (((Kat)))

Janelle said...

I'm Jealous! :)

Have TONS of fun Sugar Cookie....can't wait to see pics of the get together with you, Starla and Jan!

UPON A HILL said...

Have fun! look forward to hearing about your adventures.