Sunday, May 10, 2009

Under the Bleachers...

oh yeah.... I think we all remember those book titles that made us giggle so hard!!

"Under the bleachers" by Seymore Butts ... or
"The Art of Shoplifting" by Phil Mypockets

I was relaxing for just a bit this afternoon after lunch, playing backgammon online - when I heard one of the cats sneeze in my computer room. Looking around, I saw no one - I searched under the desk, under the futon and behind the bookcase. No furry creatures, but I could have sworn I heard someone in my room.

And then my eye caught a movement -
and look who hiding inside my great aunts handstitched quilt.
I lifted the covers to expose him and you know what he did?
He dug deeper under the covers!
That Tuck is such a character.
I hate to break the news to him but thats not a pup tent!!
On an up note, I think I found someone to go camping with :-)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Cookie... well, it looks like a great pup tent to me... and a nice vintage homey looking one at that ! LOL...
Happy Mom's Day..
My son took me out to dinner last evening to Red Lobster..his favorite restaurant :o), since we don't live near the ocean where there are loads of seafood buffets..He could probably eat a whole tub full of king crab legs and then some and throw in a few lobsters and a load of shrimp, too..

Hugs to you and your kitties ...

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh how cute is that? It looks like a mighty fine place to snuggle to me. I wanna join them I do believe. Too much fun today has made a ol' pea tired.LOL Thanks for stopping by my dear. I do love hearing from you.

Dogpatch Primitives said...

I'm so happy these two have come into your life. I know the joy they bring you, and it is such fun for all of us to get to see as well. Thank you for sharing w/ us :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

He's so daggum cute! Maybe he's tryin' to earn his Boy Scout Campin' Merit Badge. :> )

Carol Roll said...

Cookie thanks for the giggle. I just want to give that lil fella a hug. So cute! Now where is that other one?!?

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

How Adorable! How cute are those kitties of yours Cookie!!! Are you gonna sneek those Stinkers in your bags when you come to TN next week? Would love to met them too. Hugs, Starla :)