Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pull out the Purple Velour Sweatpants

Well... if you ask some of the girls in the office, I'm sure they would agree that I done flipped my lid and have gone over to the dark side. The crazy cat-lady dark side, that is

I went to PetSmart at lunch to get some kittycat stuff and wound up buying them a potted plant to eat. HAHAHA... I know what you are thinking: there's one born every minute right?

But these are the first cats I've ever had that never ever ever will go outside - and I'm kinda wondering here if they would like some fresh greens? I know my system would freeze up and shut down toute de suite if I didnt get my greens!

So, with their health in mind, I bought a container and brought it into the office to keep it from wilting in the hot car. When the girls in the office saw what I was carrying in, they just kinda rolled their eyes and cocked their head slightly to the right.

They didnt even waste their breath.... they know I'm a lost cause where Nip and Tuck are concerned.

Now comes the tricky part.... do I serve it straight out of the planter or dice it up and arrange it on a chilled bone china plate? Presentation is so important, you know!


Ali said...

That's funny, because Chad is always telling me about how people at his office don't even ask him how his kids are doing or anything-- all they care about are his pets! So, maybe you are more normal than you think. hehe

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Cookie, you sound like me with my dogs. I love the grass and I bet Nip & Tuck will too.

Phillane E'lee said...

I have done that. I have grown some nip for those days that they feel they need a pick me up and some good grass for the old tum tum. They love it. Now my older kitty bootsie just eats the spider plants when she is needing some greens. LOL
You did good girl. I don't think you are crazy but then again I may already be that way so who am I to judge. LOL

SweetAnnee said...

Hey girl.. thanks for stopping in.. I need to catch up on what you're up to..
and thanks for adding my Gift Away.. Good luck
Smiles, Deena

Kat449 said...

Now come know we all had to experience a little "herb" in our life times. LOL
I am so happy for your babies...they have done hit the Kitty Lottery having you & the hubs for new parents.
I FINALLY made time this morning to post on my poor lonely blog...since March 2!!!!! I miss all yall so much. I am planning a give-away to let everyone know Im live & although exhausted...very blessed and needing my sisters in blogland. Rule to self...Dont ever leave home again!
Now please pass the grass! LOL love you Cookie. (((Kat)))

Dogpatch Primitives said...

Hi Cookie, leave it in the planter, that way they feel like they're doin somethin naughty, and that makes them happy of course!
You're not crazy my're just in love w/ your babies :)