Monday, May 11, 2009

Carrot Cake Anyone?

ok - this is NOT my carrot cake... but it should have been!

One of my friends was celebrating his 49th birthday and I offered to bake his cake. He wanted a carrot cake, and his wife volunteered a recipe that she had used when they first started dating, explaining that it was his favorite.

So I baked the carrot cake from scratch - and since I'm always playing "Beat the Clock", I didn't want to shred the carrots myself. Time is money ya know, so i bought a bag of carrots already shredded at the grocery store.

The recipe called for pineapple, golden raisins, carrots and walnuts. I baked it the cake pan I normally use - and after it had cooled, I put it in the frig overnight. The next morning I pulled it out, iced it with cream cheese frosting, sprinkled walnuts on top, just like the photo above and put it back in the refrigerator till we were ready to celebrate.

Wishes were wished, candles were blown and I cut into the cake and started serving it up. Now, I didn't have my reading glasses on and with contacts alone, I can see distance but not up close detail. Everyone got their piece and were busily enjoying it when my hubs piped up... " why are these carrots Green?"


I whipped out my readers to inspect the cake and sure enough, there were pieces of carrot that were orange and there were plenty of green ones and even some that were 1/2 orange 1/2 green! Normally when I make a carrot cake, I use baby food - so this was definitely a first for me.

What is even more comical is that when I was preparing the batter on Friday evening, I ran out of vanilla and went next door to my new neighbors house. I introduced myself to her husband (whom I've never met but waved hello to for a month now). I told his wife about my delimna with the ingredients for the cake, minus the vanilla and asked if she might have 4 tsp. I could borrow? She said she had been sick with food poisoning from some roast beef she ate - but was doing better and of course I was welcome to her vanilla.

My original intent was to thank her for the vanilla by offering a couple of pieces of cake. But after I saw the green carrots, there was just NO WAY I was going to take some of this cake to say thanks to a girl who had just gotten over 1 bout of ptomaine!!!

I think I need to come up with another plan, lol!!

By the way, I googled about the carrots because it was the craziest thing - what I found out was that Organic carrots don't have a lot of the chemicals and/or additives that normal carrots have in order to keep their colour a bright vibrant orange. Because of this, baking soda can interact with the carrot and turn them green, especially if you add them to the wet ingredients.

hmmm... sounds good - I'm sticking with that one!

now, would anyone care for some carrot / zuccini cake ??


bayrayschild said...

Like my Granddaughter would say...Nummmmmmmmmmmmmies!

That cake looks like it's got my name all over it!

I think it's a winner!


UPON A HILL said...

So it sounds like the cake tasted good!!! That what counts..

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hey Cookie...

Me want cake me want cake me want cake
oh, looks so good ..
now I am hungry for carrot cake !

Tina said...

Carrot cake is a fave of mine.

Janelle said...

Who cares if they're green? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Carrot Cake!
My bday is in Sept. Cookie lady, if ya wanna come down and bake me one of those :)

I Play Outside The Box said...

I would have just fainted! lol

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

Oh I am so glad you posted this! I made a carrot cake for the first time last month for my Dad's birthday. It's his favorite. We were all mucning down on it and everyone was complimenting me on how wonderful it tasted. I was even giving myself a silent pat on the back because it was my first and it was so good....then someone spotted the green carrots....the half green, half orange carrots. Now I know why! I'd gotten organic carrots and shredded them myself but I'll be darn if they didn't look just like zuccini! ;)