Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life in Colorado

A lady in one of my ebay groups mentioned that she was getting snow where she lives out on the plains east of Colorado Springs. I can remember all too well those spring storms that would hit. For many years, we lived in an awesome place that sat on 10 acres in Shamballa Ashrama, a small community down the mountain from Devil's Head off Rampart Range Road. Devils Head is the last manned Forest Ranger's station in Colorado.

We made the trek up Devils Head so often, we could do it blindfolded - with both hands tied behind our backs, even! :)

And every guest that ever graced our threshold knew they would be making the trip of a lifetime - driving the 5 miles of dirt road (probably in the back of the pickup with me and the dogs) to the base of the camp - and then climbing 1 1/4 miles up switchbacks to arrive at a beautiful grassy knoll littered with large rocks and wild flowers.

There is a quaint little log cabin where the rangers sleep and picnic tables where you could catch your breath and rest your legs before you attacked the next 143 steps up to the lookout.

And trust me, it was always easier going DOWN!

But the view from the top made every huff and puff and aching muscle worth it! They say you can see the 4 corners from the top of the lookout (and I believe them!).

This is truly God's Majesty and those are 16 years we will never forget.

oh... and about those winters? That's another story in itself!


Suzanne said...

Oh Cookie! What a beautiful place to have lived! I think you'd almost be able to put up with the snow for views like that! Happy May Day!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Purdy purdy purdy!!!! That is a sight ot behold-----I am pretty sure that you probably took care of bathroom duties BEFORE the trek up---that is unbelievable!

Gots to tell ya---you were the second person that asked me about that ishy shot---it is called a Dtap--I think it is mainly because of tetanus--(Diptheria--never heard of anyone having that---Tetanus---that either & Pertussis--don't even know what that is)-we have to have it every 10 years----weird--heh? Sooo you guys don't have that little crazy shot?

Mandie said...

Beautiful photos!!

I'm so glad the snow has passed for awhile. I'm ready for the fun in the sun, sunburns, bee stings,sand between my toes and lots of Rum! :)

Hope your doing well, Cookie!

The Crackling Crows said...

Hello Cookie :)

I used to live in Colorado Springs...I loved it there!!! I want to retire there...that is my dream...I never saw this looks amazing!
Colorado was day I left in the morning with shorts and flip flops and in the same night we had snow...

Thanks for sharing your them!

Hugs Ivonne :)

tattered 'n torn prims said...

What gorgeous pix!! Thank you for sharing!! I'd love to head west one day for vacation!! Such beautiful country...God's country!!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

wow wow wow, what breathtaking views! Truly a sight to behold!

Thanks for sharing w/ us city slickers!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Yes, we did have snow on May lst!! Great, big, huge bunches of it!! Wet, heavy, but gorgeous snow!! And then, as is typical, the temps went up and it was soon gone!! Cookie, I see Devil's Head daily, and love driving out toward your old stompin' grounds!! Thanks for featuring my giveaway!!! Hugs, Trudy