Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have a Confession to Make

I admit it... I love Simon! American Idol would be boring without his wit and insight - and I doubt I would watch it again if it meant hearing only from Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest. Now whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit ... he knows what he is talking about.
On MSN they have the top 79 exerpts from the show, noting comments that Simon has said after performances of the contestants.
My personal favorites? Talking to poor Jason after his rendition of Bob Marleys I shot the sheriff, Simon said: "Jason, stand back. That was utterly atrocious. Sorry. That is a song you do not touch, the arrangement was atrocious, this was like a first-round audition massacre. I don't know what you're thinking."

To which that adorable Jason said:"I WAS THINKIN' BOB MARLEY!!! YEAH!!!"

...priceless :)

As much as I respected Simon before, after last night's comments on his biased views of their performances and listening to him humble himself and offer an apologetic recount of DC's singing on Tuesday, I love the lunk-head even more! I just couldn't see DC NOTwinning this thing - and although I thought his last night's show was much weaker than his previous ones, he still was so versatile and strong that he could have pulled a rabbit out of anyone's hat!

I am one happy Cookie here... Finally a show that turns out with the right results. I'm proud of you, voting America - you made the right call!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - Bryan? You will always be the bomb-diggity!!


kat449 said...

Simon...America loves to hate him AND loves to love him...but we do dont we, he sure is a keeper!
Hugs Kat

softinthehead said...

I must admit I agree with every single word you wrote Cook...I have a family of singers, except me. I have always been the Simon of the bunch! But because I was so hard on my kids they all have turned out to be exceptional singers and with a real appreciation of their talent and of music! I love Simon....it's a REAL world out there! Pam

Twyla and Lindsey said...

David Cook won!!!!!!!!WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I knew that you would be sharing in my joy so I thought I would drop by!
Again wooooooohooooooooo!!!

Moon Maiden Soapworks said...

Ahhh, I haven't watch AI once this entire season. I miss the bloke ... he's such a charming ol' chap, isn't he? LOL!

Hey Cook ... it's Dana. Yes, before you snort coffee ... I'm off on another adventure. In my own defense, I've actually been making soap the longest of anything I've done with my art so far. ;) I just put it down for a while and picked it back up again.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!!


Lana said...

I love Simon too Cookie!