Thursday, February 21, 2008

Woke up this morning to ICE and SLEET! Arrrrgh... how much more can a person take? I'm telling ya... I think Pharaoh would have surrendered the Israelites if he lived in the midwest this winter!
But there was a bright spot in my mailbox today that I just want to tell you all about [Big smile goes right here]!
Suzanne of Pear Tree Prims has blessed me with the "You Make My Day" Award. What a spot of sunshine in the middle of this endless winter-blues!
I've gotten to know this treasure of a lady from one of our ebay groups and she is always uplifting and encouraging! A real gem - to be sure.
My assignment is to pass this on to others, whose blogs I visit that brighten my day with sunshine, encouragement and inspiration. And I must say Suzanne, I direct this right back to you - I love coming to your blog :) There is always something fresh and thought-provoking going on in your little corner of the world and I walk away feeling just a little more edjamakated!
So let me share with you those that I make a point of visiting - for a giggle, an out and out laugh, an insight to a new creations or just a warm-n-fuzzy feeling:
♥ Goob - CountryFolk Keepsakes
♥ Renee - Birchberry Farms
♥ Aboo - Chickadee-lite!
♥ Dana - Eccentricities Studios
♥ Doreen - Vermont Harvest
♥ Pam - Soft in the Head
♥ Pea - The one true Peapicker
♥ Stacey - Tattered N Torn


Doreen said...

Cook.....THANK YOU!....You are a dear sweet friend and I am SO thankful for you.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh goodness...thank you and right back at ya sista!!! I am inspired by your are so very talented and I am amazed by each new creation!! Thank you so much for your support and for this honor!! (good thing I keep a speach prepared....grab a comfy's 4 or 5 pages beginning on the day I was born!! LOL!!)

Pea said...

Sweet I am so very touched you thought of little me, the pea... LOL I love coming to your blog. You are sooo very talented and your writting gives me a giggle. You have such a sweet soul that comes out when you speak about art and life. Makes me feel lucky to know ya.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cookie..thanks for leaving me a message on my blog. So nice to hear from you and I'm so glad you are right behind me in age..LOL LOL I'm like the oldest person I know!! LOL I was lookin at the hubby last night and I told him I cannot believe I'll be 60 in 3 short years!! glad I feel only 30!! Take care my your stuff on TDIPT! Blessings-Erika

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh Cookie...congratulations on your You Make my Day Award! You are so deserving! Spring will be in the Midwest in all her glory before you know it! :-) Susan

Cookie said...

Can i quote you on that, sister? Our weatherman is fast becoming our number one enemy in these parts. Folks in the upper Northeast are used to this sort of winter... we Cookie-Butt midwesterners can take winter until January - after that, we tend to get cranky!

Suzanne said...

Lol! Cookie....I'm ready for spring too! We awoke to another snowfall this morning and it snowed all day!

Hugs to you Miss are a sweetie!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh Mylanta Cookie----you are about as sweet as one of them there pies from a particular place that specializes in FABULOUS pie making and ends in a square---the one that has all the chocolate and the caramel drizzled EVERYWHERE. that's the pie I am thinking of right now---

THANK YOU so much Cookie---is what I am muttling through trying to say---you are too kind and I appreciate our converstaions indoobididly---big word for me---I think I may have just made that up---NAHHHH---XXOO, Renee

BirchBerry Farms said...

PS PS---I figured the links out on my own---well not all the way on my own---I had to have Maggie poke me with a big stick---I got them in my Blog---but I am happy to report---YEA---I'm thinkin' I'm knowin' linkin'! Do NOT quote me on this--the proof is in the pudding-----and my pudding never quite set all the way!!! LOL Renee