Monday, February 11, 2008

The Artist formally known as Prince -

Ok, so Prince I'm not ... but I'm sure glad to see you've found your way over to my new blog site.
I'm just getting started here and will be adding more day by day -

Stay tuned Sports Fans :)


Suzanne said...

Oh!, oh?? Did I stumble into a new venture of yours Miss Cookie? A new name?? I love it! Can't wait to see and hear more!

Cookie said...

Suzanne... thanks so much for stopping by!
You are my first guest :)

This is quite daunting a task, making sure everything gets updated and plugged in right.

I'll be adding things over the next few days, I believe.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Of course you're not Prince.. he's known by a symbol of somekind now isn't he? (I think it's @#^*) LOL!!'d be princess!! LOL!! Love the name Curds and Whey!! I'll get ya changed!!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

LOL!!! Hey Goob, I LOVE your new name, but I'm still goin' to call ya Goob! :> )
P.S. So will ya sing "Raspberry Beret" for us?

Bluejean Primitives said...

Ok this is Miss Cookie #2! I'm going to add this blog to my list also! :)


Cookie said...

Yeah... just think of it as a new dress on the same ole pigpen :)

Dogpatch said...

Hi Cook, I'll get ya added to mine. Will this one replace the old blog?

kat449 said...

Congrats...Love the new name. I hope youre "whey" blessed with an abundance of peace, joy, and lots of sales....I really enjoy visiting you. old or new...Blessings...Kat

Cookie said...

It sure will Patty - I'll leave Rolling River up long enough to direct traffic over here and then let it go dormant (unless I can figure out how to delete it without interrupting Curds and Whey)

Kat - You are a real GEM! thanks so much for stopping by!

Mandie said...

Love your blog, I guess I should say hello for a change and stop being a quiet lurker LOL. I'll have to get your link changed to the new name on my blog links list :)

Lone pierette said...

Love your new name Cookie !


Cookie said...

You'd think I was changing the beneficiary to my billions with all the thought and fret that I've done over this!
But I'm so glad to hear from so many of you - it reinforces my decision to change things up a bit