Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a bunch of Bullies!!

My friend Sarah has been put through the wringer ever since she accepted the nomination of Vice President and I think there are alot of folks out there who should hang their head in shame at the way they have been treating her and her family.

This morning when I got up and heard that someone had hacked into her private email account - looking for dirt no doubt, my mind went immediately to the underhanded dealings of Watergate. You know, if I didnt know better, I'd say there are a whole bunch of folks are running scared.

Too bad the worse thing they could come up with was pictures of her family and some chitty chat with girlfriends.

Anyway, I felt like the girl could use a warm embrace and a purdy lil flower. I'm offering the same flower that was given to me by my bud, Janet of Beecharmers Cottage! Hope you like it, Sarah ♥


Janelle said... GO girl!
Sarah Palin's got more grit and more backbone than any of those who are just hell bent on tearing her apart...
I'm so pumped to see her at the town hall meeting Sunday! I wanna shirt, I wanna sign for my yard...bumper stickers...pins....anything they've got to show my support of them in this battle for the Whitehouse!


Cookie said...

Hey's cookie! I LOVE Sarah!!! I have faith that it really doesn't matter what they find, she's gonna rock this place!! She is REAL and down to earth just like me and all the other millions of mom's, women, and wanna be's! ha!

Tina said...

A woman of character and the rock I believe she is won't shake a bit from this little annoyance.

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

I couldn`t agree with you more! Her Maverick type persona will easily keep her afloat!
You go Sarah!

Janelle said...

OH YEAH!! Check out my blog today!! The line for tickets was LONNNNNNNNNNG, but OH SO worth the short wait!


Pond Creek Primitives said...

Go, Sarah ! She's like the Velveteen Rabbit - she's REAL ! She rides the storms of life ! Faces challenges head-on !

You go, girl !

Village Folk Art said...

Hi Cookie...I am so pleased to hear you defend Our Sarah.
The only experience she does not have is that of a crumby 'n crooked politician.
We can't let those distorted polls discourage us either, cause they're crooked too.
She makes me proud to be a woman!!!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hey girls..put me on that train...
She is one smart, wise, witty, gritty, clean, untarnished , God fearing woman !!!
Hurray for Sarah ! And McCain !


Shari Kraft said...

Hey! I LOVE Sarah! I think she's just what those good ol' boys at the capital need--a no nonsense woman that will kick butt! Tell her I said so!