Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bikes Blues and BBQ

Just spent a very long weekend in Arkansas - touring the countryside and sampling a bit of the motorcycle rally.

What a fun and relaxing time we had too, heading out last Wednesday morning and coming home Sunday afternoon. The newspapers said that close to 400,000 folk came out for the event - and they could be right, but we went down to Fayetteville three times and each time, the streets were packed with people and there were bikes everywhere.
One day, we went up to War Eagle Mill - they have a huge craft fair each year and I would love to make it sometime but it will definately have to be a car / truck trip and not a motorcycle unless I plan to mail alot of packages back home! ♥ As I crossed the bridge that goes over a wide stream, I couldn't help but notice all of the spider webs. Since my last run in on my deck a few weeks back, I've become entranced with them. In one section of the bridge, I counted 10 webs all together - in all sizes but each one beautifully intricate.

Below the bridge, a flock of ducks seemed to love playing in the water - and didn't mind that their pictures were taken either :)

After reviewing my photos, I've come to realize that my camera seems to focus on old farmhouses & barns, churches and graveyards more than anything else. I would love to take some time to walk through an old graveyard sometime and pay my respects, but I hesitate to ask the other 10 or 12 folks riding with us for fear that they'd think I went over the edge. These treasures that we ride past on our ventures in the countryside have always captured my attention and curiousity.

One day trip took us to Jasper, Arkansas and both hubs and myself decided that we could retire to this lovely spot on God's good earth quite easily. This is known as the Grand Canyon of Arkansas and I'm here to tell you, the view is breathtaking! This photo does not do justice to what you behold in person.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

These pics are beautiful Goob!! Looks like you had a fantastic time!! Glad to know you're home safe and sound. I missed you! :> )

Janelle said...

What beautiful pics Cookie! So glad you're back home...
I've always loved old barns too...
Haven't ever been to those parts of Arkansas, but it sure is pretty!
Glad you had such a good time, and thanks for sharing it with us..


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Ohhh Now Im yearning to go to Jasper area. Its such a pretty area.I have never been to War Eagle but keep saying Im going to. Its beautiful as well.~~Pam

Dogpatch Primitives said...

love it when you go on your road I know you're gonna have lots of pics.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and thank you for sharing w/ us!

Tina said...

Wow, the pics are so great. All suitable for framing. Glad you had a wonderful trip

Shay said...

Homesick alert! You captured Northwest Arkansas so beautifully! I wish I could have met you! I know my family would have just loved to give you hugs for all you have done!

Well you'll have to come down for War Eagle and I'll show ya around! We have 6 craftshows during the same time as War Eagle, so it is lots of fun! It's in two weeks too! I'm heading home three weekends in a row, so I'm ready! So glad you both had a wonderful trip! Bill did too, did he take pictures? Nope! hehe! It was all about the ride for him! Have a wonderful day Cookie dear!