Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Newest Addition

A few years back, one of my longtime bff's called me up to ask if I was interested in some mannequins that were going to be deep-sixed out the back door of the dept. store she worked at.

"Really??" I asked - heck yes I was interested! She brought them over to me and they were just about the coolest things I'd ever seen. On top of that, I had just bought two vintage sailor outfits on eBay and not only did they fit like a glove, but there was a little girls outfit and a little boys outfit! Now, who in their right mind would have ever thought I'd have clothes to fit these two display mannequins? It couldn't have been more Perfect!

I love these two - they reside in my computer room - they have been a constant companion for many an early morning cup of coffee :)

Well, I got a phone call on Friday afternoon, asking if I'd like to adopt another orphan and of course I said YES!

I was expecting another toddler but when she brought it in, my heart leaped for joy - it was the sweetest faced little infant in a sitting position. So once again, I went to the dungeon to see what clothes I had down there - I had an outfit (not vintage like the others are) but it was a perfect fit and for now anyway, my newest child doesn't have to sit around nekked!

Aren't they precious? Thank you friend - I will love them forever ♥


Tina said...

Oh my goodness, lady!! These are the sweetest little things I've ever seen. Love them and how you've dressed them. So unique!
Thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! I would never think to collect mannequins...leave it to you sugar Cookie..
They are really cool!
Hugs, MO

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

How neat is that ! Cookie you think of everything. Do they come to life at night and party around the house ? ;)heehee.~~Pam

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Now how cool is that??!! What a great friend.....I only wonder if it twas them that set off the alarm??? tee hee hee.....maybe they were playing with your kids!!! tee hee hee!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Happy hugs to ya!!