Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cat Burglers

Easter Sunday should be a time for family, friends, food, and a nice long catnap... right?

Apparently my cats had other plans!

We headed out for a wonderful Easter Service at our church a chose to go to the early service – which is followed by Sunday School and then, another morning worship service.

Hubs and I were sitting through Sunday school when his phone went off. He went out in the foyer to answer and came back and whispered that we had to go because our home security alarm was going off.

Now just a few days ago, the security guy had come out and put in a couple of zones for the pets so they wouldnt activate anything on the radar - no matter how rambunctious they tend to get. Driving (flying) home, we didn’t know if the cats set it off or we had actually gotten broke into but as I did notice that hubs foot was quite a bit heavier than normal!

The cops arrived before us, did a walkabout and found nothing amiss, so hubs went in ahead of me to check out the house and told me to wait in the garage. When he gave the “all clear” I went in and looked for Nip and Tuck – and found them hiding in the bedroom.

One look at their faces told me the whole story - I think they were bungy-jumping off the landing onto the lower level, knocked off one of my drums from Africa and triggered the alarm. Their eyes were still the size of half dollars and I think their hearts were pumping out pure adrenaline by the bucket-load. The alarm is LOUD and I’m sure it scared the puddin’ right out of them!

Poor things…. Tuck was just now getting over his fear of the dreaded brown paper bag and now this!

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Phillane E'lee said...

OMG Cookie that is wayyy too funny. Poor babies. scared them out of the one of their lives. Just playing and having fun with Mom and Dad gone they knew they could do as they please.
Glad everything was okay though.
Eventful holidays are the ones remembered and laughed about later.