Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet McKay Hatch

While I was fixing supper tonight, I had the TV on in the background ... more for noise than anything else, I 'spose.

But something caught my attention - and as I listened more intently, I heard adults (I wont call them grownups) leaving threatening phone messages for a 14 year old boy in Southern California. And these were not idle threats - adults were saying they would hurt him, shoot him, and even kill this kid!

Why??? Because he has started a club called the NO CUSSING CLUB.

He started this club in 2007 and now has members in every state. I really really admire the kid and if I had any children, I'd encourage them to join it too. You've gotta check him out ... what an awesome kid!

Good for you McKay ... I'm proud of you ♥