Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Out of the Corner

and back into my heart - this sweet boy was waiting for me yesterday when I got home from work with a smile on his face.

Awww, he knows just how to melt my heart ♥


Tina said...

Aawww, what a sweetie. Who could resist that face.

Dani said...

Aww now that's cute!! He sure did some serious thinking while in "Time Out" and figured a way to melt your heart to get out. LOL Works like a Charm. Good job on him. He's adorable!!!


Michelle said...

He's Darling Cookie! I LOVE his pants and suspenders!


Cookie said...

He promised not to misbehave and the way I figure it, I should take him at his word, right? (so far he has been good as gold) ♥

Laura said...

Cookie I seen your fella on countryfolks page and had to stop by ! He is GREAT his face has so much expression he is wonderful !! BE WELL :>}