Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I remember as a little girl, getting so excited whenever letters and cards arrived for me in the mail. I lived in Colorado for about 16 years, and during that time, my grandmother and I would write letters to each other every week. I was always anxious to get her letters - and in those days, we did not have computers to email or cell phones to call whenever we got the urge. I would carefully open each envelope (my grandmother always had a habit of adding last minute thoughts to the back of the envelope before mailing) and I would find a nice quiet spot to learn what was on her heart that week and get brought up to date on news from back home.
She was such a God-fearing woman who trusted Him completely and she was full of gentleness and wisdom. I still have those precious letters and just pulled them out last week and re-read so many of them. Nan's sweet spirit shines through to this day - and makes me realize how much I long for the day we are reunited.

Well, I've been getting some emails from friends about sending Christmas cards to soldiers. Unfortunately, some of the information is outdated, due to previous sites were inundated with cards from good folks like you and getting shut down.

I'm happy to say, I've found a good source of information explaining how to send cards and notes to our soldiers - and what is even more awesome about this is that the Red Cross has provided access to send an electronic card via their website!

Please consider sending some cards to our soldiers, both through the mail and electronically - let them know how much we love and appreciate them, especially while they are so far from home during the holidays. Take a moment to click the link for the Red Cross and watch the short video attached.

Your heart will thank you


Janelle said...

Thanks for posting that Cookie!
I had the same kind of joy as a child, in getting letters from my Mamaw, who sounds a lot like your Grandmother! I expect they are enjoying each other's company in Heaven!


Nancy Lee Malay said...

You have such a giving heart, Cookie! Thanks for the information, and I'll be sending cards for sure!

kat449 said...

Hey Cookie Girl....
Thank you so much for the info. When my son was serving on the front lines while in Iraq AND Afghanistan, he always shares with such love in his heart, the joy he and his squad felt when they would recieve these wonderful envelopes of gratitude and love around the holidays especially. They REALLY do make a difference in a soldiers life. They made a big one in mine.
I thank the anonymous senders who warmed my sons heart at a very scary and cold time for him.
I will indeed be blessing someone elses son or daughter.
I cannot wait to talk with you and thank you for praying without ceasing for my grave situation. Your friendship and tenatious message of Gods love for me when I was so low, I questioned my faith....I thank you for your gift of friendship, I just shared with Peanut, how I cannot wait to email you both when i get an extra minute, which is one of the reasons I am so busy..which is because of answered prayers. My life is good, it is slowly but surely coming back....The devil is a coward AND a liar!!!!! what he tried to make evil was turned around and do ya like me now????Im BAAAACK!
I love ya sister, deeply and passionatley. HUgs, ((((Kat)))

Pea said...

Thank you for posting this about our fine military folks. Every year for many years we had one come and have dinner with us that had no family. I miss those days. Sometimes it would be 2 and sometimes it was about 7. Those were very fond memories and they always were so very greatful. I hope that if my son was there that someone would be so kind as to have him for dinner. My Thanksgiving will be full of praise as my son will return from Turkey on Thanksgiving. With so much loss lately this will be the joy that my heart is needing.
I do hope that you and yours has a wonderful holiday and God graces your table with food, love and friendship.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks so much Goob for postin' this! :> )
We need to thank our military for the sacrifices they make for us everyday.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Popping in to say Hello to you, I am trying to catch up....we will for sure send out some cards, thanks for the info!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!