Tuesday, April 8, 2008


If you told me 2 days ago that I would be blogging about a college basketball game, I would called you a lunatic.
I'm not a big fan - and I'm the first to admit it... but I watched the NCAA Championship game last night between KU and Memphis and I have to admit - it was unbelievable!
If you know basketball at all - you can imagine what the atmostphere is in my office today. Residing in Kansas City, we are on the MO/KS border and apparently you are either a KU fan, a K-State fan or an MU fan (and by the sneers and jeers from some associates here, never the twain shall meet).
So after watching the game, I was still pumped for the Jayhawks - and came into work this morning with lingering moments drifting around in my noggin of the missed 4 free throws by Memphis, the 3 point shot by KS that sent the game into overtime, and the 5 minutes of OT when the Jayhawks could do no wrong. And I decided something... if every game is as exciting as this, I could become a fan!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

I don't know basketball from cricket, but hubby watched a little of the game and then went to bed without Tivo-ing it....and now is furious that he didn't!! Good thing they play lots of highlights!! LOL!! Congrats to your "home kinda state"!! LOL!!

softinthehead said...

Darn I missed that game ! I love basketball and it doesn't have to be a hometown team I just love the sport. I am here in Ca. with my adorable grandsons and having the time of my life so I missed the game. I wanted to tell you Cook that your doll on HARTS was just amazing, I LOVE HER! You are just the best designer! Wish some of that would rub off in my direction! Pam

BirchBerry Farms said...

LOVE everything about Basketball---played it in College and had a blast---the game yesterday was absolutely one of the best I have seen as well----Awwwww---to be young again---dang dang dang---those truly were the days---not that it is BAD now---it just seemed so much better then---in comparison to now---oh and EASIER---in the grand scheme of things---wasn't college a piece-o-cake? ABSOLUTELY hands down---hung over or NOT!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

The game was one of the best!!! I am a basketball addict, more for NBA than NCAA, until it comes to the playoffs...and as soon as the Sweet 16 starts...I'm glued to the tube!! Just holding on now, hoping those silly Nuggets can get their act together and secure a playoff spot!! ~~Trudy~~