Monday, April 14, 2008

Remembering Grandpa

I got an email this morning about "remembering when" - it contained all kinds of images that brought total recall to a much younger period of time in my life.

One of the photos was the test pattern for the television ... and for some reason, I associate this with CBS and my Grandpa. I remember seeing this on Grandpa Lynch's television on more than a few occassions. He had a pleather chair (recliner style??) set up in front of his tv - with an old coffee can always at his side for chew. I can say boldly that I'm so glad I never ventured a peek in that can! I would have been scarred for life ~haha~

My dads parents passed away when I was very little. My dad was the youngest in his family of maybe 9 brothers and sisters and by the time his baby was born (that would be me) his folks were well on the way to their "upper years". I do remember making sausage biscuits with my Grandma Lynch and drinking coffee with cream and sugar out of those milky green coffeecups. AAAh.... life was good in Grandma's kitchen :)


Karen said...

O Cookie...I remember that image...very well! What a blast from the past!! Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs, Karen

tattered 'n torn prims said...

I don't remember that image, but I LOVED grandma and grandpa's house!! Life was so good there!! Thanks for the reminder!! It brought a sunshine to my heart for the day!!

PS...LOVE the Billy Jean by David!!