Sunday, April 6, 2008

Made it through another year

If you are like me, our family birthday celebrations seem to clump together - there are about 5 birthdays that we celebrate along come the end of March into April and I'm happy to report we have made it through the current barrage of birthday celebrations without incident. (that is, unless you call barking at the moon and chasing rabbits an "incident" ) lol
I saw this today and thought it was too funny... and maybe just a little too close to the mark! Not having kids, I see everyone else growing up and old but me. I'm doomed to be a 90 yr. old punk!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

You go girl!! You're only as old as you feel right? Okay that's really a dumb statement 'cause you know there are those days.....LOL!! You'll be the best 90 yr old punk around!! LOL!!

Doreen said...

OMG...this cartoon is hysterical. the van morrison tune playing..he's my all time favorite!


kat449 said...

Cookie long as you got some funk goin on while bein a punk...its all good! and you my sistah got some serious funk! thats why I loves ya! hugs, Kat

...and dont think Im gonna forget about the promised photos!