Monday, December 13, 2010

A visit with friends

Last Friday, we planned a reunion of sorts with some high school friends that reconnected on Facebook. We gathered together everyone that could take an extended lunch and met at a great cajun restaurant in St. Joseph Mo. called Boudreaux's. And what a fun time it was - getting reaquainted after 38 years! Some of these folks I hadn't seen since we graduated in 1972.
We hope the next lunch is even bigger and better - we're planning a Saturday to accomodate those that cannot make a weekday event!

Ronnie Nelson waited with me for one of my oldest and dearest friends to get off work. Great hooking up with Kathy Brown - who works as a nurse for the city jail. Oh, the trouble we got into growing up!! Mercy :)

After our lunch date, I drove a few blocks up the street to spend some quality time with my favorite great nephew. Sully turned 9 months old on Friday so we had to do the birthday dance and celebrate ♥
He's getting so big!

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