Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sully time is always the best time!

My great nephew Sullivan Dorrell Lynch came visiting on Thanksgiving day and decided to spend the night at my house.

You will never hear me complain when someone suggests that I spend more time with Sully-bear. He is the sweetest baby boy and never fusses or complains.

He was born on March 10th and weighs about 23 lbs. He has 4 teeth now and is working on more - and even during the days of cutting teeth, his fussing is at a minimum.

I got this high chair at a garage sale for $10 and holy smokes, he LOVED spending time in it. He would sit for hours as everyone oooh'd and aaaah'd over him on Thanksgiving day. Next morning, the story was the same - I think he really liked being eye level with everyone else and being able to see all that was going on! Best 10 bucks I've spent in a very long time :)

Looks like someone had some stories to tell Aunt Cookie!

Bathing was so much fun on Friday morning ... he sure does love his bath time !!

Sully is getting so strong - he would pull himself up in the tub and actually stood without hanging onto the sides for several seconds. It wont be long now till he is moving and groovin all over the house!

Hanging onto Uncle Marty ♥

I love this sweet little boy so much and can't wait for the next time he comes to Aunt Cookie's house ♥


bayrayschild said...

OMG Cookie he looks like he should be a Gap baby!

He is one of the cutest babies ever!


Carol Roll said...

Cookie he is to die for! I tell ya he is just adorbable! Those rolls and that face!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh My Goodness, I could just love him and squeeze him, Cook he is so precious!!!!!