Monday, June 14, 2010

What a BLESSING - What a BLAST!!

We spent this last weekend at Camp Quality, a camp for kids with cancer held one week every summer in Northwest Missouri. I have to say, it was the most rewarding time I've had in a very long time.

We arrived on Saturday ready to get to work and were greeted with the darkest skies raining down buckets. But the crew didnt let that deter us and we spent all day cleaning cabins, getting the camp ready for the kids arrival on Sunday.

We worked the day away, making everything spic and span. It was well worth all of our hard work, watching the kids arrive and jumping off the bus to meet up with their companion for the week. This camp is an oasis in the middle of summer for all of these kids and most have been coming for years - and request the same companion each year. They develop a long and lasting relationship with their caretaker for the week at this camp in northwest Missouri. Most of the companions are college age kids who volunteer and you can literally feel the excitement and love in the air.

As each child came off the bus, they were announced by the emcee -
and met a rounding thunder of applause and hugs!

A crew from my company went out on Sunday and we decorated the tabernacle and stage for a celebration later that night. They were honoring the family of the lady who started the camp 25 years prior - and we wanted everything to look perfect for the kids and the volunteers!

There were plenty of festivities as well that afternoon - with plenty of food and drinks, clowns and a carnival! I wish I could stay all week and drink it all in.

I met Katie, who volunteers every year and does all the grunt work at the camp.
She is anxiously looking forward to next year when she is old enough to work as a companion. She will make a great one, too - during the two days we spent together, she left a lasting impression on me of her genuine and caring heart.

The messhall was all decked out too for the kids at their first supper together!

Amazing work, everyone ♥

We covered up the beautiful quilt that was being presented to the family with a large sheet -
I wish I could have been there when it was uncovered!


Carol Roll said...

An amazing group of volunteers! God Bless them and all those brave kids.

Cookie your so danged cute!

淑慧 said...
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angiesraggedypatch said...

Hey Cookie!
The girls and I drove by this week while it was in session and honked and you should have seen the waves we got!
It is such a cool camp! Our Elks Lodge tired to help out with donations whenever we can, Lord knows they need it, and you couldnt give to a better more deserving camp!

Kudos to your company! That says a lot to me!
God Bless you and your group for all yo did for making it such a wonderful time for those kids!

Cookie said...

OH Ang... that is so awesome!!!
I hope I can give more of my time next year. Somehow, 1 weekend seems so lame and selfish. I'm so glad all these college kids are willing to give of themselves to make a difference in these kids lives. It's wonderful ♥

PEA said...

God Love ya cookie and your sweet hubby too. You are inspiring.