Sunday, May 2, 2010

they're blooming... and they're Heavenly

When we moved into our home in May several years ago, the lilac trees planted out front were blooming if full. It was such a wonderful experience to open the windows and let the wonderful scent fill the entire house - one that I relished spending days at home for.

Since that time, my trees and their blooms have been hampered with late frosts and killer snows - that is, until 2010!

I'm so glad to share pics that I took this afternoon... I believe with all my heart that Heaven must smell like this ♥


pywackit said...

Hey Cookie. If you want your lilacs to bloom well next year make sure you pick as many blossoms as you can this year before they all turn brown. This will ensure better blooming. Lilacs are my favorite spring flower. Ours haven't quite started blooming here yet and I am waiting so I can pick some huge boquets.


Cookie said...

oh... thanks so much Cindy! I dont know much about them at all but will heed your advise - thanks so much ♥

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ahhhhhh.... I can smell 'em from here Goob. ♥