Sunday, May 2, 2010

Watch out... you have just entered Avalanche territory

these guys are amazing... and this is how stuff can happen these days.

I discovered The Ooks of Hazzard on my nephew Darb's FB - and after checking into them, I learnd that they were formed just two months ago.

On April 18th seven ukulele players, an accordionist and someone playing something called a cajon get together at the Live Rock Studios in Torrance California and were filmed doing a cover version of MGMT's "Kids". Sometime on April 19th the video is uploaded to You Tube.

The band is comprised of Danny Kopel, Meredith MacArthur, Charlie Diaz, Patrick Hildebrand, Jay Ponti, Nick Deane, Ed Marshall, Timm Freeman, and Dave Botkin.

They are burning up Facebook, UTube and Twitter sites ... because this is very good stuff - and everyone is sharing it with everyone they know! And that's how a star is born (in the form of a band named the Ooks of Hazzard).

This is good stuff ...very good stuff and I love it!

check out their Utube here!


Anonymous said...
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Snugglebug Blessings said...

I will go check them out but in the meantime, Happy Momma's day to you Cookie. God bless. Cathy