Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shell, My Belle

I first met Michelle when she was 11 yrs old and living in the Boston area with her family.

Her mom sent her to Kansas City to visit her cousins, who were in the youth group of my church. Hubs and I also happened to be the youth leaders of that group, and were planning a weekend missions trip to St. Louis to work hand in hand with Marty Zide / Midwest Messianic Center - a wonderful ministry to the Jewish folks there.

Michelle had lost her father to a terrible accident just a short time prior and the moment I met her, I knew she was special. Maybe because I had lost my mom at just about the same age, or maybe it was just fate - but whatever it was, we bonded in an instant and have remained close in heart ever since. Michelle went on the missions trip with our group and oh, what fun we had!

She emailed a couple of months back to tell me some wonderful awesome news.... she and her husband Ross are expecting their first child and I'm so happy for them, I can't stand it!

Shelley is such a caring, compassionate soul - and I know this child is going to know love divine!
These are the most recent pics of Shell - don't you think her radiance is glowing?

I think she is beautiful!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

There is nothing more beautiful than a belly full of baby!! She is gorgeous, and I wish her all the blessings and joy that pregnancy and the new bundle of joy brings!!!

Congrats Auntie!!!

Kat449 said...

AAAAHHHH (((Cookie)))) I do INDDED know how ya feel after just coming home from meeting our own first grandaughter Natalie Josephine...wheeee strap yourself in sister...there aint nothin like this....
Im so happy your spirit is so joy filled and so contagious!
Hey please go check out my blog...Im having another giveaway.
In HIs sweet name...(((Kat)))