Saturday, June 6, 2009


The beginning of our journey took us through Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky on our way to Tennessee to get reaquainted with my hubs kin he had not seen in 45 years. We were excited at the prospect of getting away and rekindling family bonds!
As we rode about halfway through Illinois, the trees along the interstate started looking like a war zone -
When we stopped at the KY HD dealer in Paducah, we discovered that IL and KY were hit with the terrible ice storms that impacted so many of my friends back in February. On top of that, the area was hit with mega straight line winds just a few weeks prior to impact the damage even more.... and clean up was no picnic, but the looks of the massive piles on the side of the road!

So we made our way on to Nashville - and of course there was major construction shutting down the only interstate going through town. I saw a fella standing on the street corner holding up a blank piece of paper and realized he was still sleepy too - so as we pulled up next to him, I suggested (with a smile) that he turn his sign around!

Saturday afternoon, we met our destination - and the meeting was grand! Darrell and Larry embraced -
in true "WILSON FASHION" ♥
As we rode through town, I saw a statue outside of the small museum in Cleveland, TN that I thought was so interesting - I hope you can make out the details but the base is one hand over another over another - to hold this table top slab.

Next up on our journey:



Dogpatch Primitives said...

Mmm, love seafood! Darrel and his bro look so happy~ Can't wait to see what day 2 brings.

Crystal said...

I'm sorry, I posted my comment on the wrong blog entry. I live in Paducah! I noticed the Harley building right away. :)