Friday, August 8, 2008

♥ Tonight's the Night ♥

After an awesome week on vacation, I've been doing my best to get to the dungeon and start putting out fires that have been hanging over my head since before we left for South Dakota.

And now? well, as you all know tonight is the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic coverage from Beijing! Every 2 years, I decide that I like the Winter Olympics best with the downhill and freestyle skiing, ice skating, and more - and then 2 years later, I firmly decide that the summer olympics are the best with the gymnastics, swimming, track, and beach volleyball (& so much more). I can tell what will divert my attentions for days to come - and I'm so excited about it starting.

Either my dvr will be working overtime for the next couple of weeks, or I will be stuffing doll parts during the badminton and fencing. I guess I can live without watching that.... but it won't be easy ♥


Tina said...

oh I used to be so into it and I don't know what has happened I don't seem to get into it anymore. Well, you've sparked my interest. I'll have to tune in. I used to like to watch all the olympians march into the stadium in their costumes.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I like the winter Olympics better I the figure skating. They make it look so effortless!
Have a great weekend!!

kat449 said...

Hi Cookie...
Hey baby girl I am missin ya sumpthin busy gettin back to life after the big nuptuals week gone by...who said it wouldnt last???BAUUGH!!!! Ive got pics on my blog, hop over when ya get a you. Olympics on every day and you big time, Kat