Tuesday, July 1, 2008

- Remembering the CoffeeHouse Days -

My hubs and I used to be youth leaders at our church and we had such a great group of teenagers - we would spend every weekend doing something together, whether it was hanging out in our little cramped basement - elbow to elbow playing games, watching movies and laughing till we cried- or taking trips to Canada for a weeklong fishing trip on Dog Lake with Frank and Marie Drown, our lives were enriched and full with the experiences we shared.
At least once a month, we would spend a Saturday night at the New Earth coffeehouse in Kansas City - listening to our favorite local group, WATERDEEP and jamming all night long in a cramped church basement of Pastor Sheldon - filled with incense and exceptional sounds! Waterdeep was such an awesome band, fronted by husband and wife Don and Lori Chaffer. These guys knew how to write and sing and to this day, I still love their music (which I highly recommend you buying if you like what you are hearing now). I miss those days, but hey... this is what memories are made of, right?!


carol said...

Nice music Cookie, I like your selection of The Fray as well.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Waterdeep a lot lately myself. :) And I have you to thank for introducing them to me so many years ago! THANK YOU!