Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is my favorite holiday - I love decorating the house and look forward to passing out candy to the kids that come door to door. 
But my favorite part of Halloween is having my nephew and his family come and spend the night with us. Sullivan has a very precious part in our hearts and now, at 3 1/2 yrs old, he is getting to the age that I adore.  Full of questions, he seems to pick up on the sensitive side of everything around him whether its a movie or pretend play time. And we sure have fun on Halloween!
He is really into stuffed animals and we spent a good amount of time last weekend playing pretend with some Halloween dolls I gave him to take home.  We love to laugh together and he says the funniest things.
 When I saw mom and dad coming up the driveway, I knew it was going to be a great night!  Cheyenne is pregnant with Sully's brother, Milo - due December 20th.

Cheyenne is pregnant with baby #2 - Sully's brother named Milo Scott.
So it was only fitting that mom and dad dress up like Juno and Bleeker  :)

Each year, his mom Cheyenne and Nana Julie collaborate to come up with the best of costumes.  This year, Sully was Max of "Where the Wild Things Grow".  He was a perfect Max too... rrrrrraaaaarrrrr.

Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and attracts hundreds of kids from surrounding areas. Some houses are decorated to the nines and we had great fun walking around seeing the sights.
Sully seemed very comfortable talking to the ghost in the corner who just happened to be his size!

The kid behind this mask was about 12 years old and so gentle in his approach. He shook hands with Sully, gave high ^5's and even took his mask off so Sully wouldn't be frightened. When he put his arm around Sully for a picture, Sully turned to him and said "please put your mask back on"  lol.
We had a grand time - and Sully didn't want to leave.  He even tried the "sitting in the middle of the sidewalk and not budging" routine.  Sadly, dad had no part of it and we headed back home for a night watching Wall-E on tv.
It was the best weekend I've had in a very long time and I'm so looking forward to next year.  I cant wait to see what mom and Nana come up with for Sully's costume.
Here is a collage of his costumes through the year.  They do amazing work together!

Anne of Green Gables sums it up perfectly for me.....
Farewell, October.
I love you.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Cookie !!!

so glad you and your family are doing well and thank you for your comment on my blog.

Miss all you great gals and I do miss sewing somewhat but hard to keep weight off sitting and sewing also.

Big hugs and blessings to you !


Carol Roll said...

Oh Cookie this was a great blog! Loved the pictures of Sully and especially the one of him sitting down in the road.

October is a great month (my parents and both my boston's birthdays)