Monday, February 25, 2013


I know.... it sounds like a cheap Japanese thriller from the 60's with monsters busting their way through downtown with their tails knocking over skyscrapers on the way. I used to love watching these movies because their mouths would still be moving 3 minutes after the dubbed voice-over stopped.

However, it's what the recent and upcoming storms have been dubbed by us midwesterners who havent seen snow like this since I was a kid and looked forward to the school days!

The weather forcasters had been predicting a doozy was headed our way and while we watched with doubts swirling (we've heard it all from weathermen before with results that never came to fruition), we still waiting, watching out the window for something to happen.

And boy did it.... the morning started out calmly enough ...

but 45 minutes later, we were in the throes of Winter and before the day was over, my husband measured 12" of snow in our front yard! 


Now, he had purchased a mega-monster snowblower 2 years earlier so he wouldnt have to kill himself shoveling and it wasnt until last Thursday that he had the pleasure of breaking it in. 

Wow... did he ever have fun!  He did our 3 car driveway, likety split - and then proceeded to head over to the neighbors and help out there. Before he made it back home, he had cleared 5 neighbors and offered to do another one.

So, this left me sitting in the house with an upcoming Mercantile upload and a snow-day on my hands.  What could I do but get busy!?!   And getting busy was just the ticket for that storm - I have been busy creating and feeling accomplished all along the way!

One of my projects was this sweet bunny and babe -  from a pattern by Lottie Laycheck. "Mama B" is mounted to a pedestal and ... shhhhhhhh.... we dont want to disturb her sleepy baby.

This sweet dancing rabbit has taken up residence in the trencher on my kitchen table. She is mounted on an awesome chippy spool I found last weekend when I was out "junkin".  She has a deep red velvet heart pinkeep sewn to her backside - just clear of the sheeps wool tail.


I have a couple of other items that will get polishing touches put to them before the upload on Thursday night - and then, my next project is to finish this special order who is just waiting for some clothes.  Sure hope she doesn't catch a cold from the drafty dungeon  :)

If you are interested in anything here, I'm happy to share my snow -
or give you more information on any of the rabbits listed.  :)

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Tina said...

Everything is so cute and makes me want spring even more. Wow, you got piled on with the snow. We haven't bought a snowblower, but I sure would if I was getting hit with the snow like you are. Have a blessed day, T