Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remi and Rudy

Remi is my newest creation ... a sweet little Snowgirl.
She's a bit shy, so she brought 
her favorite ragtag baby, Rudy. 

Remi even has a removeable backpack with drieds
and wait...
who is that stowaway hitching a ride??

From the tip of her head right down to her clay shoes,
there is much attention to detail on this little girl.
She is lightly glittered with mystical snow and
her pinafore has been hand embroidered in great detail
and her arms are wired for posing.
Remi is ready for her premiere
on the TDIPT Mercantile this Wednesday night. 

She's a keeper, for sure!


Janelle Willis Hurt said...

what a lil doll! Cute cute cute

Carol Roll said...

Soooo sweet Cookie, I'm taking down the witch you made for Halloween and i cant tell you how many people love her!