Sunday, April 15, 2012

thank you, Lana!

A few weeks back, Lana Manis of Honeysuckle Lane was having a contest to post a cute caption with a picture of her precious pups that had recently adopted her and the Manis family. 

Lana got so many great responses that she couldn't decide and resorted to using an automatic picker to decide the winner.

Lucky me... as it turned out, my name was drawn!  My package arrived over the weekend - and I just cannot tell you how beautiful this work is. I have purchased many sets of notecards over the years from Lana and was always impressed with the quality but along with the notecards, I received one of her beautiful felted flowers and I must say, the workmanship is impeccable and her packaging is so professional!

Thank you Lana, from the bottom of my heart.  I love it all!
Oh ... Nip and Tuck also wanted me to thank you ... they love their new mouser toys too!

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Lana said...

Hey Cookie ~ I'm so glad you liked your gifts! xoxo LL