Monday, April 4, 2011

We held a memorial service for my aunt this past weekend - she is pictured here (L) shopping with her girlfriend arounnd 1941.

She was always such a fun loving person who lived life to the fullest - I looked up to her so much and she was my lifeline after my mom passed away.

And oh... could we all laugh together at family gatherings! There were many photo's and scrapbooks that she had compiled when she was a teenager and as I was looking through them, I stumbled upon the following poem:

He gripped me by my slender neck

I could not call or scream

He dragged me to his dirty room

Where he could not be seen

He tore away my flimsy wraps

And gazed upon my form

I was cold and damp and scared

And he was hot and warm

He pressed his lips against mine

I gave him every drop

He drained me of myself

I could not make him stop

He made me what I am today

that is why you find me here

Just an empty bottle

That once was full of BEER


Carol Roll said...

Cookie your aunt is precious! Love this great picture and can see her mischieviousness is a family trait giggle.

NubianQueen said...

Cookie your blog is funny and inspirational. I would like you to check out my blog. Am a young lady from Zambia. its I am just starting out.

Linda, NE Iowa said...

I can't read the red wording. Love the color of your blue background but it might be too dark since the black lettering is either too small or not dark enough. Cannot read any of the words where your picture is. Well, other than that.....Great pictures, Great ideas, and I love the message from your Pastor.