Friday, March 18, 2011

Pray for Japan

There is a movement going on across the nation today called "Red Friday" to honor of our troops - I think it's an amazing way to support and pray!

But I propose we also use this opportunity to remind us to pray for Japan.
There is so much devestation and sorrow ...
Japan needs our help and our prayers.

Will you join in?

One way to help is very simple - over at RIPT,
they have a very special tee design running for one day only.

With every t-shirt sold, RIPT is donating $5.00; in conjunction, the artist is also donating $1.00, so for every t-shirt sold today - a grand total of $6.00 will be donated to the Red Cross to help Japan. I respect and admire the Red Cross and their humanitarian efforts so very much and think we could all do something
(no matter how small or large) to send help to the people of Japan.

Please, take a moment to check it out...

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