Friday, October 22, 2010


My company is so good about supporting causes and giving aid to the community.

Yesterday we celebrated PINK DAY, to focus on breast cancer awareness. We had pretty good participation from many the associates as well ...and there were even some drawings to go with it.

The first person to get their ticket number drawn chose the next winning number and so on until all 5 gifts were given away.

Lucky ME! I won a lunch bag, which is the perfect size to fit two tall Red Bulls on the bike ♥

Now, when it came to picture taking, I couldn't help but ham it up in one of the photos. I hope they pick that one to go in the newsletter from North Carolina home office :)

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Sunny simple life said...

I had to comment. Your blog is great. It is so fun to see all your posts and pics. The baby post is darling. That is one of the cutest babies ever and I love the GWB pic with the "miss me yet?" I cracked up. And yes I miss you GWB. Not to mention you are a terrific artist. Very talented. Okay I'll shut up now.